Valves Meters + Controllers

Valves, Meters and Controllers

To see our full range of Valves, Meters and Controllers please download the pdf below. The title for each product section within that pdf is shown here, along with the catalogue page number, which is shown at the foot of each page.

37 Metal Valves + Anti Pollution Valves
38 Metal Valves
39 Metal Valves + Plastic Valves
40 Plastic Valves + ‘UNIDELTA’ Valves
41 ‘VDL’ Plastic Valves + ‘HANSEN’ Nylon Valves
42 ‘BERMAD’ Solenoid Valves
44 ‘BERMAD’ Solenoid Coils +Cables
45 ‘HUNTER’ Solenoid Valves For Turf & Landscape
46 ‘BERMAD’ Adjustable Pressure Regulators
47 ‘BERMAD’ Air & Vacuum Release Valves + ‘BERMAD’ Filter Backwash Valves
48 ‘GALCON’ Controllers
49 ‘GALCON’ Controllers + ‘HUNTER’ Bluetooth Tap Timer
50 ‘HUNTER’ Controllers For Turf & Landscape
52 ‘HUNTER’ Hydrawise
53 ‘HUNTER’ Controller Accessories For Turf & Landscape + ‘HUNTER’ Accessories
54 ‘ARAD’ Water Meters
55 Valve Boxes and Extensions + Carson Valve Boxes + Hydrant Valve Boxes


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